Industry 4.0 is a new era in the industrial era where automation and data are prioritized in all aspects of work. Thus, humans will find it easier to work and increase the results obtained.

There are 4 important things contained in this era, namely, the internet on things (IoT), Cloud Computing, cyber physical systems, and the Internet of Systems. This new era in the industry has had a profound effect on various lines of business.

The presence of a new era has contributed to major changes in various things. These changes are made by each company in order to survive in the dynamic dynamic business competition.

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International Market Competition in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has a major impact on the reach of a company. From small or not, companies are able to enlarge their scope in various things such as marketing products.

This makes competition in the international market even wider because there are many players who are moving. In addition, it is easier for international influences to enter and influence business actors in various countries.

Faster and easier process

The company’s performance will be more practical, quick and easy. This can happen thanks to the sophistication of increasingly advanced technology and advances in world communication. For that, everything can be done instantly without the need to wait a long time.

One concrete example is the delivery of goods that can be faster. There is no more waiting time so everything can run quickly and speed up the production process of a company.

This also gives birth to new innovations that make business competition more colorful. For this reason, everyone is required to be able to think dynamically in strategy in order to get the best results in this latest industrial era.

Data transparency

The sophistication of technology also has a major influence on the world of communication. Everything on the internet can be easily reached by all people. In the next 2 or 3 years, this will get bigger and the amount of data connected to the internet will increase even more.

Everyone will easily get to the data they manage. Therefore, data search will be easier and help every business actor in analyzing their needs and planning the steps they want to make to face increasingly fierce business competition in the future.

Better supply chain

The essence of the supply chain is the creation of a system that connects companies, suppliers and individuals in terms of purchasing goods or services for each other. In other words, every party in the supply chain needs each other so that the sale and purchase transaction will not die and will continue.

The new industrial era also encourages the progress of an increasingly advanced supply chain so that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to develop their business. Of course, this will be used as a medium to develop their business in the future.

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Automation trends in all fields

The trend of job automation has been going on for a long time. This has started since technological advances that make human work easier. Everything has been connected via computer and the internet as the 2 main vehicles in this modern era.

Therefore, almost all fields of work have been touched by modernization which gave birth to the trend of automation work that makes it easier for everyone. For example, automation in accounting has helped many people work in this industrial era 4.0.