Social Media Marketing – There are many assumptions that social media is not the right channel to be used as media in B2B. This is arguably untrue because many of the B2Bs are currently controlled by millennials who are not tech savvy.

In fact, most of the B2B people are currently looking for the product or service they want through social media. The goal is clear in order to find out how well-known the vendors will be. Some time ago, Fran Bosan (founder of Omobono) did a research on the influence of social media marketing on B2B.

‚ÄúSocial media is currently one of the most effective media to get engagement from clients. 79% of the total 115 senior level B2B marketers have done it for their company. In fact, 38% of the extra budget requested from the company will be used to increase brand awareness through social media, “said Fran Bosan.

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If at this time you have used it but you still don’t get the maximum, try to apply the 3 powerful methods described by Neil Patel below:

Find New Perspectives

Many of the B2B companies today are using social media marketing in boring ways. Their way of executing content cannot be accepted by social media users who are more dominated by millennials. This results in very few engagement (likes and comments).

So, how do you make a B2B social media company more colorful or not boring? Here is an example., the # 1 invoicing and accounting software in Indonesia, has had more than 50 thousand users so far. In social media, does not always explain invoices and things related to the back office. Why? because this perspective is not liked by social media users.

On the other hand, takes a bigger angle about business. For example, has created an infographic for business development in Indonesia which is dominated by young people. Then, there is also content that discusses the best-selling businesses in Indonesia. The angle was taken because it was more attractive to users.

If an invoice software alone can create interesting content on social media, why can’t you?

Collaborate with Influencers

One of the important factors in the advancement of social media marketing in B2B is inviting influencers to join. Invite someone who has a big influence on the progress of today’s business. But what needs to be considered is the influencers who will be invited to work with.

The followers of an influencer are very influential on the success of your business. That is, you must know who the person you are working with to collaborate with. Because, if you invite the wrong person, the capital money to pay the influencer will not return, aka you lose.

In addition, the use of influencers is also intended to make social media look more humanized. That way, users are not stuck with the same thing every time. Just look at how, Gojek and several other startups are doing it.

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Prioritize Linkedin as Your Channel

97% of B2B companies, according to Neil Patel, prioritize LinkedIn as the best social media to increase brand awareness. Furthermore, the distribution of content in B2B is also dominated by LinkedIn followed by Twitter. Meanwhile, Instagram is only in 7th place as the most suitable social media in B2B.

In B2B, traffic is not the main goal or goal of success. The real goal is to get leads, which is why LinkedIn is the most appropriate tool because there professionals often express their expressions through content or other things.

On LinkedIn, everyone involved is a professional, there will be no dancing cat videos like those found on Instagram or genitals like the ones on Facebook. That’s why LinkedIn is a channel that must have been developed from now on.

There are some powerful ways to use social media marketing in B2B. If you have questions or comments about this, please write them in the comments column below.