B2B invoicing & payment platform, Paper.id collaborates with Blibli, one of Indonesia’s leading marketplaces. This innovation is expected to facilitate business transactions easier for paying to suppliers and receiving payments from customers just like buying something in e-commerce.

Moreover, Indonesian people’s habits cannot be segregated from the marketplace, seeing that the usage has reached 70% from January 2020 to July 2022, as reported by Kompas. The collaboration between Paper.id and Blibli is expected to revolutionize conventional business payment habits to become more efficient and practical digital payments.

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As a result, these things can overcome the problems that usually occured in invoice collection and payment processes, a troublesome activity for business people. Payment collection can be conducted digitally and monitored independently by both users and business partners such as buyers through the Paper.id dashboard, so that business processes can run more transparent and comfortable.

With Paper.id, the collection, payment & invoice recording process is conducted automatically. Payment collection can be done easily just by creating an invoice, and sending it to the customer via Whatsapp, email, or SMS which can be stamped with e-Meterai directly. Customers will be reminded via payment notifications via Whatsapp/SMS, so businesses don’t have to bother reminding them and maintaining good relationships with customers.

Furthermore, customers can pay invoices by any method including credit cards. After that, the payments will be reconciled automatically. This also applies when they want to pay invoices to suppliers with any method, even though the supplier does not provide the method, because Paper.id accommodates it.

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Thus, this can be a solution for businesses to be digitized easily through the Paper.id, a platform that is free and can be enjoyed by anyone, from MSMEs to large companies. Businesses can enjoy accessible solutions to get lower operational costs and control the collection of payments in one platform for stable and strong cash flow.

Paper.id CEO & Co-founder, Yosia Sugialam said “The collaboration between Paper.id and Blibli is one of the steps that we have prepared to help digitize businesses and build mutual trust. We will continue to move with the vision & mission to digitize business payments in order to reach more businesses that have not been digitized. Therefore, they can do efficient, transparent, and secure collection and payment transactions through Paper.id”.