According to Forbes, Augmented Reality (AR) will be popular in 2020 in business. This trend is influenced by the adoption of 5G connections which can make AR implementation much easier and more accessible to many groups such as MSMEs.

This is also supported by findings from IDC, a global economic analyst company that predicts that the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR) market will reap a profit of 143.3 million US dollars in 2020.

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This moment needs to be used by MSME actors to apply AR technology in their business. The idea that AR is expensive or only for large companies should be eliminated in order to develop the business.

So, how do you apply AR to MSMEs? The following is an explanation of the application of AR for MSMEs that can bring benefits.

How Augmented Reality works in general

In general, AR is a technology that combines virtual objects in two or three dimensions into the real environment. We often see it in films like Star Wars, Minority Report, and other Hollywood films.

In business, the application of AR is often carried out in many areas such as marketing, sales and business operations. For marketing and sales, AR technology can help companies market their products.

AR can also help company operations. For example, construction and architectural companies can take advantage of AR to create real-life images of buildings to make it easier for them to build.

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The benefit of AR for MSMEs

By implementing AR, MSMEs can get a number of benefits in various activities such as the following:

  • Increase sales and assist marketing in promoting your product
    AR can provide a new experience for customers. In sales, your customers can get a deeper picture of the product to be purchased. Apart from that, AR can also help the marketing team to market their products. AR will also make customers more curious about it so that it will provoke their curiosity about the products you market.
  • Reduce error and optimize your work
    AR technology helps humans in depicting objects that are more real. This is useful for companies engaged in architecture, construction, art, as well as other fields. Therefore, companies can work more optimally and minimize errors thanks to a more realistic depiction.
  • The importance of implementing AR for your business
    The application of AR in Indonesia is still rare. However, this method can help you grow your business faster. Augmented Reality can develop into a tool that can make your brand stand out more than other brands. That way, your brand will be more easily recognized by people because, you apply a unique and more sophisticated way in your business. So, this will be a profitable prospect in the future.