Visa has just inaugurated a collaboration with by appointing as the largest Business Payment Solution Provider (BPSP) partner in Indonesia.

This collaboration presents a perfect solution to expedite cash flow through payments using a credit card. How can this solution help your business?

Understanding BPSP: The Best Solution for Business Transaction

In short, BPSP is a business payment provider that makes it easy for businesses to pay invoices using various methods. In this case, the collaboration between & Visa allows businesses to pay suppliers/vendors. One of them is with any Visa credit card & anywhere, without having to worry about suppliers/vendors not providing this method.

In general, the customer pays the supplier’s invoice based on the specified maturity. Unfortunately, 53% of customers experience delays in paying invoices to suppliers/vendors. In fact, customers need an average of 73 days to pay supplier invoices in Indonesia using the cash method according to Atradius in general.

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The problem that occurs is that the customer feels that the payment due date is insufficient to make cash flow rotations and on-time payments to suppliers. So that customers often ask for additional payment terms, which are not necessarily approved by the supplier/vendor for certain reasons.

This problem cannot be solved easily, where the methods/patterns of inter-business payments (B2B) are still limited, especially in Indonesia or they still adhere to the traditional nature of cash and the due time given is only adjusted to the capacity of the supplier, not the capacity of the customer.

On the other hand, suppliers are often in a difficult position, because customers can switch to other suppliers/vendors, if they don’t provide the additional tempo because in B2B transactions it’s not always a matter of price difference but how much time the tempo can be given as a business owner’s breath for cash flow turnover.

With BPSP, this problem is a definite and beneficial solution for customers and suppliers together through payment of invoices by credit card at For suppliers, their invoices can be paid faster by offering a credit card payment method because the bank will pay directly to the supplier right away or within 1 working day.

On the customer side, business bills are paid in full to the supplier and they can get an additional payment period of up to 45 days from a credit card and can be paid at maturity depending on each type of card owned. Take advantage of the credit card benefits. Moreover, they can get additional benefits such as points & miles depending on the type of card.

The Other Benefits You Can Get

Not only business transactions, the invoicing process can be much easier. Business people can make invoices directly from and can send them via WhatsApp/Email/SMS.

Everything is free, you don’t have to pay for the courier. Documents will arrive in seconds, without having to wait a matter of hours and at the same time businesses can know when the invoice has been received or not.

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Invoices that have been created will be recorded automatically and connected to payments and basic financial reports needed by MSME businesses. The billing & payment process happens hassle-free. Moreover, the e-Sellage from PERURI has been made available which can be affixd directly to the invoice without having to switch platforms. Everything is available in one place and very practical.


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