Special promo!

Get free Paper+ for 3 month with BNI credit card. (worth 300 thousand Rupiah). The followings are the benefits :

  • Payment reminders that can be set as desired
    That way, you can set payment reminders according to your wishes. Whether it is arranged before or after the maturity date, you are free to arrange it!
  • Professional email templates
    The appearance of the email invoice looks neater and more professional, thereby increasing your credibility in the eyes of clients.
  • 60% lower transaction fees
    Transactions with partners (customers/suppliers) become more affordable, 60% cheaper with various existing methods.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Valid for BNI customers holding selected credit cards who do not yet have a Paper.id account.
  • BNI customers will receive promo program information + referral code via SMS or WhatsApp from BNI.
  • For further information, contact BNI Call 1500046.
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