The COVID-19 paralyzed almost all business sectors in the world. Almost all countries struggle to start and grow their economic life which is in decline. Many business people struggle to maintain a business that has been built which is increasingly decreasing.

The economic sector is getting worse in almost all parts of the world. Indonesia is no exception. Not a few companies have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The decline in turnover has resulted in many business actors who like it or not they have to close their businesses and lay off their employees.

This situation requires economic actors, especially business people, to survive this pandemic so that they can continue their business as long as possible. This requires steps that can be taken to help protect your business to keep going in this pandemic.

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Focus Online Sales During Pandemic

Selling online during a pandemic is a great time to start an online store of your own. You can take advantage of postal and courier services to make delivery of goods. You can also use goods delivery services such as online motorcycle taxis with a delivery system without direct interaction with the driver, making it safer from Covid-19.

Strategic collaboration

A business certainly has several strengths and weaknesses. Usually businesses are very strong in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetence. For this reason, now is the right time to collaborate with other companies to complement weaknesses and help provide new offerings for customers. It is time to identify with whom the business can form partnerships to generate income.

Keeping old customers

One of the best ways to increase business by is to keep existing customers, regular and loyal customers. In times of crisis like this to get maximum output, businesses will be more inclined towards digital marketing and marketing technology. Rather than spending the budget on new customers, it’s better to keep the most profitable loyal customers, and design attractive offers for them.

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Posting on social media

Most businesses use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote almost all products and interact with customers. With the implementation of large-scale social restrictions making people carry out all activities from home, this will automatically increase content consumption on social media.

For that, you as a business owner must take advantage of this moment more actively on social media. Use your business profile to stay in touch with customers. Going forward, you can have better relationships with all of your customers when things return to normal.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Companies must be oriented towards customer engagement, improving customer experience, and creating deep relationships. In an era of physical distancing like today, businesses are fully utilizing digital marketing to reach consumers. If during this pandemic the company must protect its consumers by providing decent value and content, then in the future the company could get thousands of times the results.