Due to the improvement of technology, there are many small business ideas arise nowadays. People have a choice to do their business despite lack of capital or other problems. It is seen as the rise of SME in Indonesia.

According to KOMINFO, the number of MSMEs in Indonesia has reached 59.2 million. This figure is predicted to continue to increase given the greater opportunities to build your own business, thanks to the existence of e-commerce and social media.

Now, there are many small businesses ideas that you can choose according to your wishes. In the following, we present 3 small capital businesses that are easy to run. It can be from your home and has the potential to generate huge profits.

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Writing/Translation/Design Service

In 2020, it is rumored that the number of freelancers from around the world will increase due to incomes that can exceed conventional workers and freer working hours. Based on this reason, many people have begun to turn to pursue the world of freelancing.

How do I get started freelancing? First, make an attractive portfolio and CV that can be uploaded on freelance specific sites such as sribulancer, projects.go.id, and other freelance sites.

At the beginning, you must be aggressively looking for potential clients by providing offers related to your work. As time goes by, there will be more people recognize your work. Therefore, you need to maintain good consistency, so your business will run smoothly.

Affiliate business

Have you heard of the affiliate business model? Affiliate business is a business model where you will market other people’s products and the benefits obtained are based on the agreement of each party.

This method does not require you to have large capital. You only need social media as a marketing platform and your creativity in marketing products. That way, you can benefit from the sales of the product.

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Traditional snacks

Traditional cakes have always had a place in the hearts of Indonesians. Therefore, traditional cakes are timeless, which can be seen on any places either in mall or traditional market.

Traditional snacks can be one of the good small business ideas that you can try. There are 2 ways to sell it, first you can sell it offline (on the traditional market or house) or, you can sell it online via e-commerce or social media. Traditional snacks are usually needed for events or meals of people every day.

Are you ready to start your own business?

It’s time for you to choose the type of small business ideas that is suitable for you. If you have skills such as web creation / article writing / design, then you can offer a service that helps everyone.  Interested in creating your own online shop? You can do this by stocking goods and selling them via e-commerce or online via social media.



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