The coronavirus outbreak that is happening Indonesia has not only had negative effects, but also positive effects on the emergence of new business opportunities. This opportunity arises due to people’s foresight in taking advantage of existing opportunities.

This was triggered by the high level of people‚Äôs needs in relation to the emerging viral outbreak. Although controversial, it doesn’t keep people back, but rather moves forward using it. Here are 3 business opportunities that arise due to the corona virus outbreak.

Business ideas: Masks

Who would have thought, masks are now the most sought after items today. Masks are claimed to be protective items to protect us from water droplets that come out of the mouth. This often happens when someone is chatting with other people.

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In addition, masks are an item that must be worn by medical workers who are treating patients who are suffering from the Coronavirus according to WHO. The high demand for masks has led a number of people to stockpile masks and sell them many times over.

The government does not remain silent about it. Those who are proven to have played with the price will be subject to the article in Law No. 7 of 2014. In addition, a number of e-commerce companies such as Tokopedia also made efforts to keep the mask trade limited, as reported by Kompas

Hand Sanitizers

Apart from masks, hand sanitizers are also included in the most wanted items list. The demand to remain clean and hygienic forces people to equip them with hand sanitizers, so they can clean their hands anywhere and anytime.

Unfortunately, this has been used as a business opportunity by people buying and hoarding large quantities of hand sanitizers. After that, the seller will sell it at a very high price.

This is included as a criminal act that is prohibited by the state and will be punished in accordance with Law No.7 of 2014, the same as described above.

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The suggestion to maintain a healthy body by drinking spicy drinks also affects society. Inevitably, spices such as ginger and ginseng are also hunted by people. These ingredients become ingredients for drinks that can help them to stay fit in these critical times.

Reporting from Beritasatu, Corona has increased the price of spices 5 times. Until Thursday (12/3) yesterday, the price of red ginger has touched the figure of IDR 100,000 per kilogram (kg) and ginger has touched the price of IDR 50,000 per kg.

In addition, the high demand for spices also made spices difficult to find. This was also conveyed by President Joko Widodo at the opening of The 2nd Asian Agriculture & Food Forum 2020 at the State Palace.


The high demand for hand sanitizers, masks and spices is a phenomenon that occurs in society today. The Coronavirus outbreak is increasingly threatening to make people alert and trying to protect themselves with these three items.

In fact, this is also a business opportunity that is used to hoard rupiah coffers. A controversial move involves buying goods in large quantities and stockpiling them to create a market monopoly that benefits certain parties.

Of course, the government and the authorities have taken steps by conducting searches in a number of places so that there are no longer monopolistic practices like the one above. That way, the people’s needs for masks, hand sanitizers, spices and other items are still fulfilled during the current social distancing era.

In the midst of this corona outbreak, entrepreneurs are struggling to keep their businesses running. There are many obstacles that must be faced, such as choked cash flow and disrupted financial management. Stagnant cash flow can be from invoice payment problems that are not running smoothly because the client has not paid and disrupted financial management due to office activities that are centered from home due to work from home.

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