A marketing strategy is vital in a business. A campaign error can affect sales (conversions) resulting in losses. That is why, marketers are always in touch with the data team in order to get an accurate analysis of the user. Generally, the data taken will be around the user’s behavior, starting from age, gender, etc. However, errors can occur even if you have the right data. Below, there are 3 common mistakes that marketers make when targeting B2B markets.

Miscommunication with client

Is the data sufficient to understand what the client wants? apparently not, because the data only covers the whole. The greater the data obtained, the greater the sufficient behavior. That’s why you have to start understanding the priorities of your clients in a more personal way. In other words, you must do: Use language that is more polite to clients, especially in B2B.

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You don’t need to use ‘cliché’ language that makes clients doubt the professionalism of the business. Treat B2B clients more formally because they are potential figures for increase your sales. How about an easier way to understand clients in a more personal way? Easy, send your potential clients a survey and lure them to fill it out. If so, you can estimate the profile of your prospective buyers in the future.

Email Marketing Errors

The most effective channel for a marketer to get client attention is by sending a newsletter or product announcement via email marketing. But the use of email marketing is not always good, there are several things that make it useless, for example below:

Entering the Spam Folder

Email that goes into the ‘trash’ spam folder is a common problem that is always experienced in b2b marketing. Nobody clearly understands why their email always goes into the spam folder. However, there are some effective ways to minimize it: Don’t write the subject in all capital letters. Don’t use the wrong writing (typo). No need to use excessive exclamation words.

Boring Subject Lines

No matter how good the marketing content you make in a newsletter, the client won’t open it unless you include a fancy title. So, how do you create a captivating title? The answer depends on your client’s behavior. In this case, you need to test two different emails. The first email, make up a straight to the point title or function.

Then in the second email, create a title that contains a click bait so that the client wants to open it. After a few days, try to see which results are more successful. Some of the content that can inspire clients to read them is: education, announcements, press releases and also story telling about something memorable. By implementing some of the above, the opening rate of a newsletter will definitely increase.

Ignore smartphone users

B2B marketing is indeed more closely related to office workers who look formal. Thus, you can conclude that the email marketing that is sent focuses more on people who open it via a laptop while leaving smartphone users aside.

The fact is different. Emarketer said that 63% of B2B clients today prefer to see things through their smartphones, including email marketing. In other words, if the level of responsiveness of the email you send doesn’t support smartphone users, they will bounce and not open the email. Can you imagine how many potential clients will be lost if you don’t optimize since now?

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False planning

Goals that are not realistic can make it difficult for you and your team to achieve them. On the other hand, goals that are too ‘low’ will only make you and all of you feel the ease and absence of challenges. So, what is the best plan? Through the medium, Lead Tree Global revealed that the best planning is in the words SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. If you have some of these things, your goals or goals will be more focused. must-have: Viewing Key Metrics Read from data in previous periods Carry out tests and evaluations in stages.

Those are some common mistakes in B2B marketing that are always repeated accidentally. If you have any questions about this, please write in the comments column.