The smooth running of credit given to customers can affect the development and profit of the company itself. The smooth running of the credit is also the result of the hard work of the collection staff. As is well known, in general the collection officers or collection is an important part of a credit company.

Basically, receivables are company assets that are spread over other parties (debtors). As the name implies and its job, a collection officers has the main task of collecting, picking up, invoicing, and installments from debtors. 

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In a company, collection officers are tasked with invoicing all customers, both customers whose installments are smooth or not in arrears, which is a form of company service to its debtors or customers and also to customers who are in arrears. However, in some companies there are those that only employ collection staff only to bill customers whose installments are late or not smooth.

Basically, the collection is divided into several sections, such as:

  • Desk Collector
  • Juru Bill (Field Collector)
  • Rhenium / Remedial (RE)
  • Repossession / Repurchase Agreement (REPO)
  • Juru Seizure (Remedial Collector)

The purpose of the Collection section is as follows:

  • Ensuring payment from consumers according to the due date
  • Optimizing profits
  • Minimizing losses on outstanding installments
  • Maintain stability and financial health of the company (cash flow)
  • Carry out company rights with respect to terms & conditions that have been agreed in the agreement, such as withdrawals, imposition of fines, penalties, etc.

As for duties and the responsibility of the collection officers, among others:

  • Checking or monitoring company customers whose installments are not on time.
  • Conduct direct billing to customers who are late in repaying their obligations.
  • Make daily reports to the leader or head of collection about what has been experienced in dealing with customers.
  • Conducting negotiations with customers who are in arrears in installments to immediately carry out their obligations (namely to pay installments).
  • Creating daily visit reports

To become a successful collection officers require seriousness and great responsibility. Besides that, you also have to do the following things:

Build an image collection officers

Most people think that collectors are creepy and behave rudely. At times like this, the collection officers image must be changed by building the perception that the collector is a party that can be used as a consultant to provide solutions to problems that occur. After the time is right to talk about installment issues, it is time to talk more seriously and casually. So that customers and us feel comfortable with that short chat. 

Fostering relationships with customers

Building relationships with customers is not only the absolute right of a marketing and sales person. But good relationships with customers can also be built by collectors. Before it gets too late, of course, we must first understand what our duties and functions are. That is, how will we become consultants if we do not understand the ins and outs and procedures that exist in the company.

Technical and analytical

skills For technical in the field along with analysis, we can coordinate with seniors or head collectors, because seniors and head collectors are people who are experienced in the world of collecting. Of course they have specific ways of how to charge effectively.

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The most important thing in various jobs is honesty, including in doing billing. Many customers will entrust payment to the collection officer. Therefore, the collection officer must have honesty and a full sense of responsibility for their work. and pay installments of customers entrusted to the company.

Not burdened by targets

The most important thing to be a collector is to work as much as possible. Make a target from the company as a trigger to motivate you to work.

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