Peruri, as the only official provider of e-stamps from the government in Indonesia, and, as a provider of e-Invoicing technology and business payments, are working together to launch an e-invoicing or digital invoice solution in Peruri Shield.

Combining the advantages of each party in terms of certification, compliance, invoicing and payment technology, this collaboration simplifies the process of creating digital invoices that are equipped with certified electronic signatures and electronic seals in one platform.

That way, companies can create, send, and manage invoices digitally, eliminating the use of physical paper, reducing document delivery and billing costs.

Moreover, digital solutions from Peruri and present e-Invoice solutions that have been integrated with E-stamps by utilizing Certificate Authority and Track & Trace technology, helping reduce human errors, and making it easier for businesses to track billing and payments, as well as the authenticity of electronic documents. guaranteed.

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For business people who wish to implement e-Invoice services from and Peruri for efficient business processes, they can take 3 easy steps, namely completing the billing form/invoice, affixing an electronic signature, affixing an e-Statement Stamp, then the e-Invoice will be automatically sent to e-mail clients.

All of this can be done seamlessly through the Peruri Shield system. This platform provides e-Settings produced by Peruri as a BUMN appointed by the government through the Directorate General of Taxes.

Business people can easily get e-Meterai which has been integrated into the platform developed by Peruri and For the record, in accordance with the provisions of law number 10 of 2020, transactions in Indonesia over IDR 5,000,000 need to be affixed to a stamp duty.

The existence of this innovation marks an important step in the digital transformation of companies in Indonesia. With a combination of technology improvements and compliance with regulations, companies can maximize business operational processes in terms of invoicing & payments, so that they can finally focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

“We are very proud of our collaboration with in creating a revolutionary e-Invoice. With leading-edge technology and sophisticated features, E-Invoice will provide maximum efficiency and extraordinary steps for the business world,” said Farah Fitria Rahmayanti, Head of Strategic Business Unit Digital Peruri.

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In this regard, CEO & Co-founder of, Yosia Sugialam revealed that “Peruri and have been very good partners so far. By launching the e-invoice collaboration on the Peruri Shield platform, we both hope to accelerate the adoption of safe and efficient digitization of billing and payment processes, especially in B2B. Hopefully we can soon see in Indonesia, the majority of the invoice exchange process will be digital.”

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