In an increasingly globally connected business world, expanding your business network is becoming a critical factor for long-term growth and success. One tool that can help you is a business credit card.

Apart from being a practical payment method, business credit cards can provide significant benefits in building and expanding your business network. The following are several ways how a business credit card can help expand your business network

Improve your relationship with suppliers/vendors by paying on tim

Business credit cards can simplify the payment process to suppliers and business partners by paying invoices on time while keeping cash flow smooth through an additional 30-45 day period given by the bank that issued the card.

That way, invoices that you should pay on that date in cash, can be paid 30-45 days later following the maturity conditions of the credit card provider bank. On the other hand, transactions run smoothly, goods & services are received in advance and your reputation in the eyes of suppliers will increase.

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Suppliers, of course, will not hesitate to provide additional benefits such as cheaper wholesale prices, discounts or bonuses for additional items and at the same time the connections you need, if you regularly pay your invoices on time.

Another benefit is, you can make payments online or through payment portals, which saves time.

Facilitate international business transactions

Business credit cards allow you to make payments locally and internationally with ease. With cross-border payment capabilities, you can expand your business reach without being limited in terms of business payments.

That way, you can pay & receive payments from business customers across countries without worrying about the type of currency used in that country. This also has the potential to increase your business profits because it expands the reach of overseas customers.

Apart from that, this can also increase your business brand awareness by getting many overseas suppliers as alternative suppliers for your business.

Finding new suppliers directly Seeking new connections through bank activities
Several banks providing business credit cards usually have special programs such as exclusive activities as well as information on the latest cooperation/products that have not been marketed to credit card holders such as merchants or consumers holding EDCs.

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You can join the program to get many benefits, one of which is expanding relationships. Of course, this is a free container that you can use, without having to bother asking for a connection here and there.

Besides that, this event usually presents a variety of profitable door prizes, so it’s even more profitable, right? Already got a door prize, then can get a lot of new relationships.

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