Podcasts are an effective medium to market your business. This is influenced by the rapid development of technology and presents a variety of options for business people to promote their business.

In addition, this media is suitable for workers who spend more time on the road. Therefore, they often listen to podcasts as a form of entertainment that accompanies them when they are in a car or motorbike on their way to the office.

In Indonesia, the number of listeners is increasing. Reporting from Kompas, the number of listeners on the Spotify music streaming service in the second quarter increased rapidly by 50 percent from the previous quarter.

In America, the number of listeners continues to grow. In the time span between 2015-2016, it grew and according to Kickofflabs, one in 5 Americans listen to a Podcast every month and still counting.

Popularity podcasts are seen by entrepreneurs as a medium to market their business. The sound media is believed to increase their brand awareness. Is that true?

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Podcasts can be an effective marketing tool to increase brand awareness

According to Forbes, Podcasts became popular thanks to the presence of smartphones. Now, smartphones can be easily accessed by everyone because they are cheap, especially in Indonesia. 44% of the world’s people have become loyal listeners with an age range ranging from 18 years to 34 years in 2018.

In research conducted by Dailysocial on the Podcast User Research in Indonesia 2018, the largest number of listeners ranged from 21 to 24 years. You could say, the listeners most often come from the Millennial generation both at home and abroad.

This is related to the target of the Millennial generation as the main consumer of business today. Surely, this moment can be used by entrepreneurs to market their business through Podcasts.

There are 2 reasons why Podcasts are very popular with many people today, they are easy to access and the choice of content is more diverse. Unlike radio, Podcasts are presented in a variety of content created by various podcasters so that people can freely choose the content they want. In addition, the service player factor is also important in increasing its level of popularity. Spotify is the most popular service in Indonesia and is used by many people according to Dailysocial in 2018.

For entrepreneurs, Podcasts can be a purposeful brand marketing tool. According to business.com, listeners will feel more familiar when listening to voices and provide a different experience. In addition, entrepreneurs can choose the intended podcast according to their wishes.

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3 factors to choose podcast for your company

In choosing a good marketing media, an entrepreneur needs to have several considerations to help them in choosing the right media. For podcasts, there are a few tips to keep in mind, as follows:

  • Data analysis
    Every podcaster must have analytical data that contains data on listeners ranging from number, age, location, and also other things. You need to ask for that analytic data to see how big an audience it has. Also, look at age and location factors to increase your effectiveness in getting the right listeners.
  • Choose according to niche
    To get maximum results, you can choose a podcast with a niche that matches your brand. That way, the listeners will be more grasped and you will have no difficulty in marketing your product.
  • Ask for the price rate
    Each podcaster has a different price rate. You need to ask the price of each. That way, you can get the right podcast for marketing your business.


Podcasts that can be one of the marketing media and you can use for effective marketing expansion of your brand. This moment fits with the emergence of the number of podcasts that are popular both domestically and abroad.

In the selection, make sure you choose a broadcaster that fits your business niche. In addition, data analytics can help you understand and predict the effectiveness of your business broadcasts for the future.