Throughout 2019, the Indonesia’s franchise business is filled with various types of foods/beverages, such as ayam geprek, bubble drinks, and hyped coffee milk. A number of famous brands are increasingly growing.

This is also followed by the increasing consumption of the Indonesian society thanks to courier delivery managed by Gojek and Grab. Based on the survey conducted by Nielsen Singapore on 1000 respondents in big cities in Indonesia, 95% of them buy ready-to-eat foods in the last three months.

Hence, franchise business is growing increasingly fast because of that. Franchise business on ayam geprek, hyped coffee milk, and bubble drink are categorized as the most popular food and beverage. So, how is the success opportunity for all three-franchise business in 2020?

If One Wants To Survive, Franchise Business In Indonesia Needs To Make Innovation

According to the Honorable Chairman of the Indonesian Franchise Association, Anang Sukandar, every type of franchise business will go through a bored period. The previously existing businesses will face natural selection so that only the strong ones and the ones who receive capital funding will survive.

For coffee business, Anang Sukandar states that its prestige will still gain popularity until three to five years ahead. Moreover, the number of business actors in coffee business segment will grow around 15 to 20 per cent in the future.

Different from coffee business, ayam geprek and bubble drink business are going to face a set back. Ayam Geprek business emerged in 2018 and it will be decreasing in 2020. The strong ones will survive but new players need to think of new strategies to maintain the society’s preference on this type of food.

It seems that bubble drink business will suffer a decrease due to health issue in 2019. Therefore, business actors in this sector need to think of a more suitable ways to give new variants.

What needs to be done if you want to start a franchise business?

Own Business or Franchise

Every business will surely have risks, be it small or big. Therefore, you need to consider all risks that you may stumble across. In this case, you need to see the opportunity of the franchise that you have decided to run. If the risk level is too high, you need to choose other franchise.

Moreover, you need to study how to make a good financial report. Financial Report will serve as a benchmark in assessing the condition of a business. Therefore, business actors can make decision for the advancement of their business.

In order to get good financial report result, you can use financial software that can facilitate your work. Now, it is possible for you to find various financial software and make a selection based on your needs. If you need software with complete features and can be used for FREE, you can download it HERE!