Affiliate marketing is a marketing system through digital media, which is a development from conventional marketing. The main strategy in using the affiliate marketing system is to provide information via the internet about the products it sells.

Marketing itself can be through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. In this business model, the internet is really needed as the main tool because this one business model uses an online sales system.

As for what is the advantage of an affiliate marketing strategy is that everyone can sell products easily, simply by creating an info for a product that can attract consumers to come to the product owner’s website. For the millennial generation, running affiliate marketing is certainly very suitable.

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If you become a dropshipper or reseller then you have to place an order and make payments, but in the affiliate marketing business, you don’t have to do anything if the buyer clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product.

The advantages of affiliate marketing for companies include no production costs, very low initial costs, being able to sell a wide variety of products without limitations, a very wide market reach and so on. Running a business model like this can be said to be easy.

But remember, don’t underestimate this type of business. Because basically this business also requires more effort, many business actors who carry out this business idea actually make the income they have earned unprofitable. Here are some examples of mistakes in running an affiliate business:

Low Product Knowledge

With minimal knowledge of a product, prospective buyers are usually reluctant to buy at your place. Why? Because lack of knowledge of a product causes a lack of trust in a product’s value.

So as an affiliate you must know the basics of the product so that buyers can see the credibility of a product from your product description. By recognizing the products you sell, you will certainly earn more trust and credibility from customers.

At least, you know the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that you can explain the product and understand the product you are describing.

Lack of Patience and Quickly Give Up

The success of this type of business takes a long time. Everything takes time and a long process. If you are a patient person this might be for you.

Because the long wait for this effort will bring you very satisfying results. However, this business requires many strategies in carrying it out. You can try many strategies, strategies that fail, you can try to make a new formula concoction to reap the success of your business.

Forcing People To Buy

Most people who are new to affiliate marketing are too pushy, so that people buy their products. In fact, the most important thing is that the content on the website can educate potential buyers and what the benefits of the products they will buy through affiliate marketing links.

Quickly complacent and lazy to expand the network

In this type of business system, we should look for other formulas but those who are already successful usually only use one formula and continue to be in the same formula.

Trends in the online business world will quickly change, and as a person who runs this business, you must quickly adapt to changing trends, so you shouldn’t be complacent.

To increase sales figures can be done by implementing an e-mail marketing strategy. Besides having the potential to increase sales, email marketing is also a medium for direct interaction with customers.

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Not Focusing and Joining Many Programs

Many people do this business by including all trade products because they see a supplier that has a large following, the impact is to focus on a type of item that is divided or even fails to focus. You may not be able to control the items you sell anymore because you are complacent about the number of followers you have.

As much as possible, avoid participating in many affiliate programs at the same time in order to avoid problems if there is a problem that occurs at almost the same time. We recommend that you focus on one affiliate program only.

No Comparison

One of the best techniques besides product reviews is to make comparisons with other suitable products. When someone wants to make a purchase they usually tend to narrow the choice down to 2 products, so potential buyers can consider which product is the best. Don’t forget to insert the affiliate link that you have on each product so that if a purchase transaction occurs you will get a commission.

By studying the 6 mistakes that often occur, you can avoid them and start learning to overcome them. Interested in becoming an affiliate marketing? has an affiliate marketing program with a commission of 60%. In addition, we are also ready to provide support with content creation and seminars for its users. If you are interest, you can contact the number below.

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