At present, there are various examples of bill payments. The type can be adjusted to the needs. Because it is easy to make, everyone can make their own with their wishes.

Unfortunately, there are still lots of people who are confused about making bills payment. In fact, the bill could be easily made. The most important thing is, the bill consists of the needed information about the payment. In that way, everyone needs to know how to make bills to create an easier work. Here is the bill payments explanation and how making it.

The example of bill payment and how to make it

You can see on one of the payment bills examples above. In that letter, some elements are often included such as:

  • The certainty about the unpaid arrears
  • The total arrears invoice which is charged
  • The explanation that the due date has passed
  • The additional due date (1-2 weeks) with the hope that the bill will be paid immediately

On the bill making process, you can start from the top. On the letterhead, you can attach your company name, address, and logo. Furthermore, switch to the destination address. In that section, fill in the addressed name of the company, their address, and date of manufacture of the letter.

Moreover, you can move to the contents of the letter. In the initial paragraph, you can explain the amount of unpaid arrears. In that section, insert the additional evidence to clarify it, such as the invoice number which you make as the additional explanations.

In the next paragraph, you can write about how long the arrears could be paid. Afterward, provide information about the additional due date so that the collectible party can get the information about it and immediately pay its arrears.

Thereafter, write some closing greetings as well as the signature and clear name of the party who sent the letter.

Easy tips for successful billing

Right after creating the payment bill, it is time to send the letter to the collectible party. Usually, this is quite difficult because sometimes the collectible party may not immediately pay off the bills. Hence, to overcome this issue, there are some particular tips that we will share with you so that your bills can be paid off immediately and you can feel relieved without the hassle of thinking about it.

  • Send the bills regularly

Usually, this is often done for collectible parties. First, you can send the first invoice which contains information about unpaid bills and due dates to pay it off. If they still have not paid, you can send a second invoice accompanied by a solid warning. However, if they still have not paid, you can take further action by some threats such as reporting them to the authorities.

  • Regular follow-ups

In addition to the billing, the company needs a regular follow-up to the collectible party. This can be done by sending messages via email or SMS related to unpaid bills. If the bill has not been paid after a routine follow-up, the follow-up rate can be increased by contacting the collectible party by phone.

Through the information above, you must have known about how to make a bill. Therefore, everyone needs to know about how to make and collect it. To make it easier for you to collect the bill, you can use accounting software from The software from is available for FREE and has various features such as the invoice feature. Through this feature, you can create invoices and make bills to the collectible parties automatically. Feel the ease in collecting bills with Click the following link to use it for FREE.

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