In billing, collection invoice example letters are needed as an official document that is provided to customers for certain transactions. Usually, the seller will send to the customer about the goods or services the customer has received or enjoyed.

Customers will receive a bill when they have not made a payment that is overdue. After that, the seller will send a bill within a certain time as a reminder for the customer to make a payment.

In making it, a collection letter requires a special format and cannot be made carelessly. Apart from that, there are some special things that must be included in the letter. Here’s how and an example of creating an invoice example collection letter for your customer.

How to make an invoice example as collection letter

To create an invoice collection letter, you must know the parts that must be in the letter. A good collection letter is divided into 3 parts, a prefix, a body letter, and a suffix. Like a letter, you must include a company logo on the letterhead to certify that the letter is legitimate and looks professional.

At the beginning, you must include the date, letter number, subject, and the addressee. Next, you move on to the important part of the letter. You need to state your purpose as well as how much money you are charging your customers. Don’t forget to include a payment term that must be adhered to so that the same problem does not happen again.

Finally, give a closing letter such as a thank you and give a bright name as a person who represents the company or existing business unit. That way, the collectible will feel clear and be able to pay the bills.

Another important thing is, polite language. The writing of the collection letter must be written clearly and not offend anyone. Authors must focus on the amount of funds that have not been paid and when these funds must be paid.

Example of a correct invoice bill

Now, it’s time to find out an example of a correct invoice collection letter. In this case, there are several examples which can be seen here. First, here’s an example of a collection letter that is made to collect.

Second, there is also an example of an invoice that is created to collect items that have been purchased so that the customer needs to pay it off immediately. Usually, this can be done for back payments.

Example of a digital invoice bill

Now, billing can be done digitally. Thanks to technology, business people can immediately create invoices without the need to make them in excel or manually. Ada, a smart and practical billing solution. is very easy to use and has 3 important features, integrated invoicing, accounting, and invoicing. Everything is connected and makes your work easier and more enjoyable.

Available via HP and PC versions, you can choose according to your needs. Making bills is also very easy. Just upload, logo, digital signature, and fill out the form as needed, so your invoice will be automatically generated and can be sent via Email, LINE, and Whatsapp. Everything you can feel without having to pay a dime! Do not believe it? Prove it here!

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