You don’t know how to collect debt from customer?  Don’t let the way you collect debt offend your customer and ruin your relation with customer because good relation between you and your customer is a crucial element that needs to be maintained. The followings are 5 safe tips on how to collect debt from customer without offending them:

Calling and asking how they are doing

Before mentioning debt, you can make small talk to call and ask how your customers are doing and how are their business going. This activity will show that you care for your customer and it will break the ice before you mention your customer’s debt.

Ask them whether they have received the invoice

You can make small talk by asking them whether they have receive the invoice you sent them, even though your are sure that you have sent the invoice correctly to them. If they said no, then you can inform them via phone, so they cannot avoid anymore. You can also ask whether they have recheck the invoice you sent, therefore they will be able to check the due date of such invoice.

Remind customer the due date of the invoice

You can remind them about the due date of the invoice you have sent them. Most customers forget due date due to they are busy, that’s why you can remind them politely.

Slip some humors during collecting debt

In order to establish a close relation with, there is nothing wrong to slip some humors when you are making conversation with your customer. If you often call them just to collect debt, they would fee disturbed by your calls and you will look like a scared person of not getting your money paid. Therefore, if you can add a little humor when you try to collect the debt, they will not be so disturbed. Don’t slip an extreme humor, just a light one such as “Sir/Mam, I hope you are not giving me anymore sweet promises. I can have diabetes if you keep on giving me sweet promises.”

Act firmly regarding debt settlement

If you have already performed all of the above actions but your customer still refuses to pay their debt until the due date has passed, there is nothing wrong with being firm when you ask about their debt. But don’t forget to always use polite language. For example such as, “Sir/Mam, your invoice due date has passed and I have grant you time extension for making payment, but until now I have not yet received any payment. If payment has not been made, I will charge you with penalty, okay.”

If you feel that it is too much of a hassle to remind your customer about their debt, with invoice reminder feature from you don’t have to go through the hassle to do so.

Your customer will directly receive a reminder to settle their invoice 3 days prior due date and they will also have the option to pay the invoice using digital payment such as OVO, credit cards, and also virtual account. You can find out more here.