Most of giant tech companies which you’ve seen nowadays, come from a scratch. If you’re looking at YouTube, there were some documentary channels told about it. The founder start to create a brilliant startup idea which has become bigger through the time goes by.

No one knows if they have become big. There were many ups and downs faced by them. Among all of the ideas, there are several ideas that were said bad, but actually worth for more than trillion of Rupiah. Here are three worse startup idea that have become bigger nowadays.


The worst startup idea is Air Bnb. The business model of this startup is to rent out a place for travelers to stay. They also invite homeowners to join them and get some money as compensation. Brian Chesky is one of the pioneers and currently the CEO of Air Bnb.

Before having a valuation of US $ 31 billion, he said he was used to receiving rejections from investors. Many of them even said that Air Bnb’s business model was still raw. Understandably, Brian introduced Air Bnb in 2008 where the frenetic world of the internet had not yet resonated as it is today.

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He explained the rejection received by Air Bnb clearly on his Medium account. The 37 year old man wrote an article entitled “7 Disclaimers” complete with email proof. In the article, Brian explained that he got 7 potential investors from Silicon Valley, the most prestigious startup center in the United States.

If estimated, Air Bnb at that time should have been able to get a minimum of 150 thousand dollars or similar to the 10% stake in the startup. Unfortunately, this hope vanished after the seven investors refused to cooperate. Of the seven investors targeted, five of them sent rejection letters, while the remaining two did not even reply to the email at all.


In 1976, Apple created the first computer named Apple I. An interesting story is not about how many products were sold but about the story behind it. Before Apple I was made, who would have thought that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak received repeated rejections as the two worst startup idea pioneers. Yes, Apple I came after Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, experienced 5 rejections from HP.

Not giving up, Steve Jobs also tried to get close to HP and Atari. At that time, both companies were the most developed technology companies in the United States. As an attraction, Jobs created the Apple I using ‘spare parts’ using both companies. However, this method also did not work at all.

“So, we (Me and Wozniak) came to Atari and HP. I asked them, “hey, I created Apple using spare parts using your stuff. What if you pay for our product? ” They said no and instead told us to continue studying, ”remembers Jobs when he failed to persuade Atari and HP.

The reluctance of Atari and HP to finance Apple in developing computers seems to have made them bite their fingers. How not, at this time, the company that focuses on developing smartphones has a valuation of up to 1 trillion dollars, only Amazon equals this achievement.


Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world today. However, what would happen if Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, sold their most valuable invention? this was revealed by Vinod Khosla, the owner of Khosla. The man said that the two Google founders wanted to sell the world’s largest search engine to George Bell, CEO of Service Excite.

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Larry and Sergey hoped to sell Google a year after the search engine was created, in 1999 to be precise. At that time, they both wanted about 1 million dollars in net money from Bell. Both of them wanted to sell Google because they wanted to focus on continuing their studies at Stanford University. Unfortunately, this hope was dashed after Bell did not dare to spend that much money and even the figure had been lowered to 750 thousand dollars.

Because they failed to sell, the two of them decided to share their focus on Google as well as their studies. Today, Google has great success as the number 1 search engine in the world. As of July 2018, Google users per day could reach 3.5 million. No wonder their current valuation has reached more than 750 billion US dollars.

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