Since being inaugurated in October 2021, e-stamp have become a new innovation that helps many business people. Businesses don’t need to bother buying physical stamps at the POS office, because they can be purchased online.

However, many people still doubt its authenticity. Of course, this can lead to counterfeiting problems that can harm businesses. In fact, how to check it is very easy, you know! How do you do it?

Checking e-stamp with Acrobat Adobe Reader

It turns out that checking the authenticity of the e-stamp or e-Meterai is very easy. You don’t need to use a magnifying glass to check the existing e-Meterai elements.

Just use the Acrobat Adobe Reader application, then you can immediately find out the authenticity of the seal. The trick is to open the invoice sent by your business partner. In the acrobat reader, there are several parts that can be seen on the left as shown in the picture.

If there is an inscription signed by an electronic seal, it can be ascertained that the seal is genuine. So, you can continue transactions with business partners safely without any worries.

Use the Peruri Code Scanner app

As the official provider of electronic seals, PERURI has provided two powerful ways to assist business people in checking the authenticity of e-Meterai. First, you can download the PERURI code scanner application. This application is available for free and can help you check e-Meterai easily.

In addition, you can also check the authenticity of the e-Meterai through the website The method is also very easy, you only need to upload existing business documents. Automatically, you immediately know the authenticity of the e-Meterai that is there easily.

The authenticity of e-Meterai can now be checked anywhere and anytime

Well, hopefully the two methods above can help you check the authenticity of the e-stamp without any hassle. But so that it won’t be complicated anymore, you can immediately use e-stamp more easily via!