Business actors spur themselves to create unique strategies, thus making them different from their competitors, but a good strategy is not enough without being supported by other elements, business model canvas example.

Business model canvas (BMC) is one of the important elements that acts as the foundation of a business covering many factors, such as the target market, the strategy that must be carried out, and so on.

Every type of business needs to make a BMC to help you make decisions related to your business. This time, will discuss in more depth how to make BMC for the culinary business.

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Who are your customers?

First you need to think about the customer segment. Who are the most suitable customers? Think about the age and occupation segments of your customers. For example, the current coffee which was popular in 2019 and early 2020 has become a favorite drink for many people.

However, the highest consumption comes from the millennial generation who have worked in offices with an age range of 20-30 years. If you are confused, you need to imagine you are the consumer of your product. Approximately who is suitable and how old are your customers?

The value of your product

What is the value of the product you want to show? As a business model canvas example, McDonald’s is known as one of the leading fast food restaurants in the world. There are thousands of branches spread across major cities in the world, one of which is Jakarta.

This famous American franchise has an important value, namely to become the best fast food restaurant with the fastest service system in the world. This is manifested through the tagline, I’m lovin it, where the expression is expected to be seen from every customer who buys McD products.

Communication channels with customers

A customer is not just someone who comes and buys the product you make. You need to communicate with customers through channels that are close to them. For the business model canvas example in this section, you can imagine it from your target customers.

If your customer is gen Z, then Tik Tok can be a communication channel that can help you to carry out promotions, convey information, and more.

Keep in touch with customers

Don’t just think about profit. You also need to maintain good relationships with customers, such as by providing discounts, attractive product packages, and also other things.

The little things above are believed to increase consumer loyalty to your product. In addition, you can provide free shipping services as a marketing gimmick to attract new users.

Revenue Stream

The revenue stream is part of the business model canvas, which describes the profit channels you get from consumers. Business model canvas example for revenue streams come from many sources such as supermarkets / shops / others.

Key Activities

The operation of a company consists of many activities, so it’s not just sales, you also need to specify what needs to be done. First, you need to make a procurement plan to buy goods that will be processed into products.

In addition, think about the process of distributing goods that need to be done after the product has been processed. Office operational activities vary and the culinary business of course consists of the purchase of raw materials – the production process – the packaging process – the distribution & sales process.

Key Resources

You need to collect what assets you have in order to help monitor existing assets properly. So, what assets do you need to think about for your culinary business?

  • A really strategic business location
  • The right cooking utensils and also affordable.
  • Employees who help you.
  • Have a reliable supplier of ingredients.

Key Partnerships

Previously, you already knew the importance of procuring goods. This process cannot be separated from finding the right supplier of raw materials. It is not as easy as you might think, especially for F&B entrepreneurs who are just starting their business.


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