Currently, the payment system has undergone significant changes, from a cash-based system to a cashless or non-cash payment system. As we know that cashless or non-cash payments consist of credit cards, teller machines, direct debit, mobile or Internet banking, e-Wallet and QR codes.

Non-cash payments are able to help consumers or the public in conducting financial transactions more transparently, safely and efficiently. In addition, the cashless system provides benefits for business actors, namely it can increase sales and expand business by providing convenient, safe and fast services to customers in making payments for goods or services.

On the other hand it helps businesses to save time and cost of cash management and reduce paperwork. Cashless payments make people’s lives very easy to carry out financial transactions without the need to meet financial institution staff. This payment system requires advanced technology system skills, smartphones, and technological facilities.

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Cashless payment system

Electronic payment systems (e-payments) are also known as cashless payment systems. The contents of this cashless or non-cash payment system are usually in the form of digital financial instruments or credit cards supported by banks or non-banks.

Cashless payments are financial transactions made online between buyers and sellers. This payment system helps companies to do business with low financial transaction costs.

It provides benefits for all types of businesses both for small businesses, this payment system helps them to increase sales by making it easy for customers to pay for goods or services and to expand business reach to online customers who visit their webpage, so they can send discount coupons. and promotion to customers directly.

For large businesses, this payment system helps them increase sales by understanding their customers’ preferences from electronic payment data. Then, they can use electronic payment data to prepare prices and promotions for customers and loyalty programs. In addition, e-payments help users to make financial transactions more efficiently and accurately.

Why cashless is good for you?

The growth of e-commerce can encourage the use of e-payments because this payment system can enable the purchase of goods in a more convenient, faster and safer way. E-payment provides advantages for e-commerce players to compete and boost sales. In addition, e-payment also allows the creation of financial databases of SMEs and customers.

Financial or non-financial institutions can use this information to develop a credit rating to approve loans. Another benefit of this cashless system is that this payment system is able to support the growth of SMEs to develop products and the government to design appropriate and effective policies.

Electronic payments help businesses save time on cash transactions and e-payment transaction systems can be done online at home without carrying cash and make financial transactions very easy. This payment system can also help the government to raise taxes because the government is able to track all business financial transactions.

Lack of cash payment

Transactions using cash are now starting to be abandoned because they are felt to have many shortcomings. Some of the perceived shortcomings in cash payments or transactions that make people switch to non-cash payments include:

Impractical and efficient

When you want to buy an item and make a payment for the item with a nominal or not small amount, then if you want to make a cash payment, you are required to bring a sufficient amount of cash, besides that you must provide sufficient space or storage space for hold your cash. Because your wallet or pocket will certainly not contain enough space to store it.

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Unguaranteed transaction

The security factor is the most important thing related to money. When you are required to carry large amounts of money, then you must ensure the safety of the money, especially in the case of theft and loss. By choosing payment in cash, there will be many thefts that may occur, no matter how tight the level of security you have.

Uncomfortable transaction

Each transaction in cash takes extra time because of the work of calculating the payment, calculating the change, and making sure all the money handed over is genuine. This of course will create discomfort that you will feel in making transactions or payments because you have to waste a lot of your time.