Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and other types of social media, influencer marketing has taken a hugeleap in the last few years. The existence of Awkarin, Anya Geraldine and all other celebrities, is considered capable of making a business more recognized among the wider community. However, is it true that their existence can increase sales by 3 times?

A research from Mediakix states that influencer marketing plays an active role in the development of a business. This research shows that 80% of marketers who became respondents said that they were happy with the sales results after using the services of a celebrity. However, there is no further clarity regarding the exact number of increases that have occurred.

Furthermore, Mediakix states that there are only about 5% of marketers who consider using celebrities, influencers, etc. to be a waste. This assumption could have been expressed because of the mistake in the target market of the influencers who were invited to work with. Because, the target relevance of products and influencers must of course be seen first.

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Campaign’s objective

Is the goal of a campaign only shown to attract customers? Of course not. Every company or businessman does not always expect profit in the form of sales when they work with certain influencers or celebrities. There are companies that deliberately only introduce their newest product or brand.

In short, the objectives of a campaign may be divided into two forms, namely Brand Awareness and Direct Response.

Brand Awareness

  • Social Reach: Followers, Subscribers, etc.
  • Engagement: Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.
  • Press Release, etc.

Direct Response

  • Sales, Conversion
  • Leads
  • Sign Up
  • Downloads

In general, conversion (sales) is indeed an important point in collaboration with influencers. However, every businessperson better understands what is needed in their own business. For example, Qubicle and The F Things a few years ago created an advertisement with a ‘mysterious’ concept to introduce their type of business.

Of course, they want to better introduce their platform to the audience. In the context of marketing, they are more concerned with brand awareness so that everyone knows their type of business first and then makes a purchase.

Traffic’s Quality

If you say you use influencers to generate profits, maybe it is true. However, the use of influencers is more precisely aimed at expanding the brand awareness of a product or service. Because, influencers usually will never dare to set sales targets. They just write down the reach or reach of their own content.

The three metrics to calculate influencer effectiveness are brand awareness (85%), getting new audiences according to the niche of the influencers they collaborate with (71%). Finally, is a conversion or sale. metric This Should be a reference for entrepreneurs or marketers so that they understand before engaging in cooperation.

In short, quality traffic from influencer marketing is primarily brand awareness,not conversion . So, what are the expenses incurred by marketers in Indonesia to hire services from a celebrity?

Get Craft reports on whatspend marketers and entrepreneurs when they hire influencers. In fact, the budget spent by them reaches 20-30% of the total budget in full in one year. This figure is considered to continue to increase every year, seeing the trend in advertising that has begun to shift from television to social media.?

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The Best Media for Influencers

So in conclusion, influencer marketing is able to attract sympathy from customers to buy. However, there is no metric that can measure if the use of influencers can increase sales by 3 times the usual. So that currently, new influencers can arguably increase the ‘fame’ of a product among a wider target market.

So, what media do influencers use to promote their products? TV is no longer the best medium to promote cooperation. For influencers, social media is an inexpensive medium but can have a big impact on them as well as their followers.

Quoted from Smart Insight, Instagram (89%) is still the best place to promote collaboration products. In second place, Youtube (70%) is also quite enjoyed for long-term and creative advertising. Unlike Instagram, Youtube provides ad monetization but influencers can also create their own advertisements in the content they create.

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