Don’t let COVID-19 disrupt your business operational, because you can still run a business from home using free software! There are many good business software that you can get for free which can be chosen based on your needs.

This time, will inform 5 free software for business, so that they can still manage their business from home for communication, work management, team monitoring, collaboration and financial management.

Communication – Whatsapp / Slack / Skype

Even though you work from home, you have to make sure that communication runs smoothly both with your clients and your employees. Without smooth communication, work can be neglected and have an impact on the smooth running of the business.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of messenger applications that can make it easier for you to communicate. One of the most popular messenger applications, Whatsapp is often chosen by people as a medium of communication while working. According to Hootsuite, Whatsapp is the most popular application and is used by people in 109 countries with a percentage of 55.6 percent.

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In addition, there is Slack which is claimed to be an effective messenger application for work. Designed with a minimalist appearance, Slack is equipped with various features that can support your business. There is also Skype for video conferencing with many people, perfect for business people who want to conduct meetings without having to meet face to face.

Job management – Trello / Asana

When you are handling several jobs, you need an assistant who can assist you in managing them. For that, you can use project management software so you can monitor the projects you manage in a more efficient and controlled manner.

There are several types of free software to choose from such as Trello and Asana. Trello is a board-shaped project management application that contains journals and work projects. Apart from Trello, there is Asana, a project management software for organizing, managing and checking work.

Team Monitoring – Hubstaff / Officevibe

As a company leader, you need team monitoring software to monitor your subordinates who work from home. That way, you can ensure work runs smoothly and tasks can be completed properly.

Now, there are free software for monitoring teams such as Hubstaff and Officevibe that can monitor the work of your subordinates. That way, work can be more easily monitored and you can help company work run smoothly.

Collaboration – Google Drive

While at the office, you can share your work or give examples to your co-workers or subordinates directly. How about not at the office, you can use Google Drive. There, you can save your work and share it with your co-workers easily.

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With only the internet, you can share work so that collaboration between divisions or colleagues can run well. In addition, Google Drive is also suitable for all types of businesses such as service businesses, buying and selling, food and beverage, digital service, and other jobs.

Financial management –

In a company, the financial aspect involves many things ranging from recording transactions, bookkeeping, to financial reports. Manual financial management can cause problems, such as recording and calculation errors that result in differences in the numbers in the financial statements.

Therefore, you need to rely on business software that can help you manage your finances. is the # 1 digital business software in Indonesia. The invoice feature helps you make it fast, send it via Whatsapp or email as well as an invoice reminder so that invoice payments can be paid off before maturity.

In addition, there are features of stock management, bookkeeping, digital payment financial reports. Financial management can be easier, more practical and more efficient in one application. is available on desktop and Android. Use it now for free by DOWNLOAD HERE!

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