A receipt is an important document in a selling and purchasing transaction between two or more parties. With this letter, the sale is considered valid because the customer has paid the bill and the seller has been benefited. The legality of a reliable receipt is if the seller has signed and the bill can be included in the financial report.

Perhaps, some people consider if these are not overly important. However, for the business owners, this document must be obtained during sell and purchase transactions with the supplier. On the ground of the receipt will be included in the expense cost and affects the business financially.

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As a matter of fact, a receipt is not the only proof of payment used by business people. Cash notes, checks, invoices, debit, up to transfer forms are still used frequently. However, it is the most popular one compared to the other kinds. Therefore, how is the way to make a receipt?

How to Make a Receipt

To have a professional look, there are important things that must be listed in a receipt. The two most important aspects are the logo of the company and also the signature. Why so? It is because these two things are evidence if the transaction can be done. Some other aspects are:

  1. Receipt Number: To distinguish between one and another receipt. Usually, it is written using letters and the alphabet under the other party wishes.
  2. Name: Provide information to whom the receipt is given.
  3. Product Type: In the product payment receipt, the type of goods purchased must also be listed, complete with the quantity which is purchased.
  4. Price Amount: The total price must be paid by the other party.
  5. Stamp: On some occasions, a stamp is one aspect that validates it.

Nowadays, receipts can also be made automatically through Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Of course, you can use it for free. If now it can be made digitally, why is it still done manually? However, receipts can be made manually. Still, if only your customers are far out of town while they want it quickly, the answer is to make receipts through online accounting software. Check here for receipts for free!

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The Example of Receipt

As previously stated, there are several different kinds of receipts. The function and type are depending on the needs, there are those which are used for money transfers, product transactions to credits that are paid every month.

Blank Receipt Case

A receipt is a document that is quite important for your business because it can be included in the financial statements. However, in some cases, some people sell blank receipts whose purpose is to process the alternating vehicle name. Nevertheless, in some other cases, blank receipts are also used for bad things such as ‘small’ fraud.

In short, blank receipts that have been signed by the seller can be filled at will by the irresponsible parties. This is done so that they can get benefit from the purchased products. For example, company A tells Tomy to buy 10 laptops. The original price of the items is IDR 100 million. Yet, Tomy can manipulate it because he has a blank receipt.

If you want to know more about this information, please read the article below. Moreover, before providing receipts of transactions with the customers, the business owner usually sends an invoice to the customer. Creating an Invoice no longer needs to be done manually, because everything can be completed easily with Paper.id. Manage your business by sending bills digitally to customers. Starting now for FREE by clicking the button below.


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