With the tighter flow of information exchange in the digital world, ISO 27001 is needed to increase the integrity value of a company. This is intended to maintain the security of users’ data as well as provide a feeling of comfort for users when using digital applications.

Given the importance of this, Paper.id continues to improve service quality and make updates for our loyal users everywhere. Most recently, Paper.id officially has an ISO 27001 certificate.

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User’s data security is guaranteed with ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a framework for policies and procedures related to information risk management of an organization. This helps the company implement a safe and tidy work system to keep users’ data safe.

This certificate is important to increase a company’s commitment in maintaining the security of its users’ data. That way, data confidentiality is maintained by good management of all elements in the company.

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Paper.id’s commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of user data

We realize that user data is very valuable. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining the security of user data with applicable security standards. By obtaining an ISO 27001 certificate, the security of users’ data in the cloud, digital, and hard copy is safe. In addition, we also increase the level of security by using digital security standards equivalent to a bank to increase resilience against hacker attacks that can occur from cyberspace.

Our staff are also trained with the best security systems that are implemented in their daily work processes. Then, we will also always be responsive to changes both outside and within the company. That way, we always adapt to the latest security information to fortify user data from threats that can come at any time and from anywhere.

This has become part of our commitment as a software as a service company with high integrity in improving data security in order to help the progress of the Indonesian economy for all entrepreneurs, from small to large levels.

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