Sales Invoice- Have you ever felt that your business went wrong? What I am trying to say is, you have sold many products but you don’t get the profit. If you feel it, maybe there is something wrong about your way to manage the business. Starting a business is not only about selling products but also managing it. Pay attention to what’s wrong with your flow of business.

For instance, if you have received an order from your customer, what would you do after that? You must send the product to your customer as soon as possible. But, before sending the product to the customer, you should find out about how to collect their bills on time without any struggling. For this kind of problem, all you need to do is creating a Sales Invoice.

Why do you, as a seller, have to create an Invoice to collect customer? Because there are many kinds of customers that you are going to meet with their habits. Sometimes, you will find a nice one but at another time, you will meet a tricky one with his/her strategy to delay the process of collecting payment. In this article, will show you what Sales Invoice is and how to create without any mistake.

What Is a Sales Invoice

Contoh Proforma Invoice

Contoh Proforma Invoice

Sales Invoice is a written document used by a seller to inform the detail of the transaction to their customers. It includes all factors about the due date, amount of products, seller, buyer and also total price. This Invoice is created to simplify the seller’s effort to collect money from their customer. What will happen if the seller doesn’t use Sales Invoice to their business?

In fact, Sales Invoice is different from or Receipt. Because this document will be delivered to collect the payment and as a reminder for the customer to pay their bills. On the other hand, a receipt will be sent after the seller received payment from their customer. Generally, there is no original regulation to create this document so you can design with your own will or download free template on google.

Although, there are a few necessary parts that you have to obey as follows:

1. Profile: don’t forget to fill the name of the seller dan buyer, address to send the products, and also phone number.
2. Total amount of money and product sent to the customer.
3. Due date to pay the bills. This is important to remind the customer about the payments.
4. The word ‘invoice’ should be placed in the upfront of the document.

Types of Invoice

Invoice Proyek

Invoice Proyek

For the transaction purpose, there are few types of Sales Invoice that you can create to pay customer’s bills:

1. Standard Invoice

At first, Standard Invoice is a typical document that you can use to collect payment from the customer or retailer. This kind of document can be sent to the customer as a Sales or retailer as a Purchase Invoice.

2. Proforma Invoice

Proforma Invoice is different from Standard Invoice. This document will be used as a temporary document before the products received by customers. In short, the Proforma Invoice is an information document to the buyer about the fee that must be paid before the due date.

3. Recurring Invoice

Recurring Invoice is a document that can be used to charge the customers or buyers regularly. In other words, once you create an Invoice, the document will be delivered several times depending on your terms. Commonly, Recurring Invoice is created for a weekly basis or monthly basis.

Create Invoice Less Than 5 minutes

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice

Many people say that creating an Invoice is difficult and also wasting time. Maybe, that situation occurs when you create an Invoice manually by using books or a piece of paper. If you want to create a simple Invoice but still professional, you have to change your old ways. Now, you can make an Invoice less than 5 minutes by using How can you have it for free?

For starters, you can sign up by clicking the button below here:

After signing up, you are officially being part of’s user. Click button Invoice in the dashboard and then you can create your first Invoice. Also, you can manage stock, create Financial Stok until sending an online receipt to your customer. All of the simplicity can be yours by clicking the button. Create digitally and FREE!

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